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a house, on Kauai, Hawaii, 2011-2015
wood mainly, copper details

The valley occurred to me a bowl. As a round area; you can either enter that area or leave. You are there or you are out.

It has very fertile volcanic soil and climatic conditions for growing vegetables and fruits are present. It is a good place to be for a human.

Simultaneously the dominance of nature is always near.

The construction I made is a one-room-house. A hut, one can say. A space that allows to project ideas on it. It does not guide you, but it provides the possibility to develop a way of living.

Due to height differences in ceiling and walls, every part of the house naturally acquired a certain use. The thin roof, leaning on beams, has one lowest point from which all the water falls down when it is raining. This water is captured in a pond and used in dryer times to water the garden. The fertile land is shaped in a way that is it 'walkable'. So, it might take a while to get to a certain orange tree, but eventually one in able to reach and pick its fruits.    

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