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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, workspace in museum hall
concept space and tafbles
mei 2018

How do you define a space that should be able to be undefined?

A workspace that remains approachable but also allows for isolation.

A 'room' in the Audizaal, a workplace for Arnon Grunberg.

For this project, I further developed the Horizon Curtains that I had previously developed for the house in the valley Valley.

For a month, the Audizaal of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was used as a studio, as an experiment. By Arnon Grunberg and visual artists. Link to more information about the project 'Give us the museum '

Besides the curtains, I gave an impetus to the artists' use of the space. By placing a series of table frames of which the tops are interchangeable...depending on the use: wood, cutting surface or smooth lacquered.

Gewoven bij TextielMuseum, Tilburg
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