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shadow space - a solar panel moving parallel to the sun provides a stable shadow.


A short introduction:

To approach the (daily-) life of someone else as a sculpture; something you shape and play the full scheme of attraction and distraction with, was interesting to me. Not only because of the physical comparison or of the complexity of it, but merely because of the idea that all the assumptions and visions you can have of a person, even without meeting that person or getting to know the personal in an engaging situation, will be taking place and get materialised. And so, be a very open way of communication, because this communication takes place in the real world. 

One-Man-10-Days-Settlement-29°13, June 2018. Writer Arnon Grunberg lived in a ruin that I developed into a Settlement for 10 days. One-Man-10-Days-Settlement-29°13° is a project in collaboration with artistic researcher and mediator Eva Pel. The project is part of the Bienal de Lanzarote, which is organised by the CACT (Centros de Arte, Cultura y Turismo de Lanzarote) and MIAC (Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo). Exceptional permission was granted by the municipality of Teguise and the Nature and Environment Division of Cabildo de Lanzarote.

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