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Photo: Petra and Erik hesmerg
Czech Republic, 2010
material: mold melted glass

This Vessel is made over a period of two years in which I regularly visited Zelezny Brod (CZ). It became a way to include the knowledge, impressions, and experiences during this period, in an object. And while making this object in collaboration with Lhotsky Studio the relation was build, for an ongoing collaboration.

The Vessel includes some particular elements of the techniqnue which need full concentration to execute in a good way. I choose a shape that has the calming effect of 'what we know'. From there, it's up to me, the makers, and eventually the viewer, to see what this object became and can carry out. In other words: what the Vessel, as a body, converts to you and appeals to.

I considered glass as an ultmimate medium for this, because of its obviously ever changing appearance due to lightfall. In the same time, the finish of the object is velvet-mat, an uncommon finish, which makes you forget its material. It's 'almost not glass'. 

distribution: Particles Gallery — photography: Erik and Petra Hesmerg
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