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carrara marble

Carrara (Italy) is a small city at the Ligurian Sea with a layout deriving from the marble quarries. The quarries are located in the bordering mountains. The city is related to marble in many ways: production, work and tradition.

In 2012 I worked in the workshop of Studi D\Arte Cave Michelangelo, in Carrara.

Within the field of possibilities, within the array of objects, tools and perspectives in the space of this workshop and area, I wanted to create a place to long for. Using the language of this particular place on earth: using the possibilities of marble.

This place I was looking for, is not a 3 dimensional space with multipal perspectives to meander through. Rather than an endless field, it is a point. Which, because of the distance towards it, provides room. Room for thought, room for taking time, room to focus on this point. An anchor point for the eye.

Tray is a horizon.

development at Studi D'Arte Cave Michelangelo. Futher production in an edition of 12 by Testi Fratelli. In the collection of Particles Gallery.
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