<> 1/15
the fountain at night, when you first walk up to it..
people, arriving
people watching
doing a wish !
while doing the wish, a shadow falls over you
light is changing
a rythme of light is slowly passing
and changing to..
different colors
sometimes slightly
sometimes clearly
and on..
back to starting position
sketch of for the final version
location: museum gouda in commission of SKOR, 2007
wood, polyester, conctrete

This whishingwell responses to you wishes. While making a wish, in the action of throwing a coin, a shadow falls over you, and a sequence of light appears.

I was interested in using techniques of 'now' in the old 1200 city centre of Gouda. Gouda does not allow any new architecture in the centre. A well seemed to be a litterary grounded way to addept into this history. The aim was, to appeal to an universal sense of harmony (by proportion, ritme of light and sound) that will overtake the awareness of technique. To be short, to avoid the question: how is it made?

The well was voted 'publics favorite' during the exhibition 'Gouda Lichtjaren' 2007.

photographs by Iwan Baan
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