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Lanzarote, March 2018

Detailed information about the project: settlement_projectplan

Introduction of the project to the public : 9-14 januari 2018 at exhibitionspace NieuwDakota in Amsterdam !


Bearing on an older ruin at the landscape of Famara,

an autarkic, temporary one-man-settlement will be created.

The man is a writer. He settles - lives and writes- for 10 days at the Famara Ruin.

The settlement is especially for the writer; ‘to be, write and sleep within this exquisite landscape.  Practical issues as food are arranged within the community.The elements (sun and the wind especially) are used within ! the house to generate sweet water and energy. 

The autarkic element involves the question: how little do we need to live in relative comfort and to bring out the best of the environment though architecture?

The project will leave no traces of the settlement in any way other than text. After the artwork is dismantled the ruin stands there as it always did.

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